All Esengo garments are designed in Finland. Behind all our products is a person and a sewing machine.
We manufacture the majority of our products in a small-scale, female-led small dressmaker shop in Ghana, West Africa. We have visited the factory on site in Spring 2023, ensuring safe and good working conditions. Some of our products are also manufactured in Finland and Sweden.
Today, fast fashion brands produce up to 52 new collections a year(!).
The overproduction and overconsumption of clothing makes the fashion industry particularly harmful to clothing manufacturers and the environment. At Esengo, there is no seasonal thinking, but we strive to design clothes so that they can be worn all year round. We also do not participate in discount sales that encourage overconsumption. All fabric leftovers are reused in our production.
ESENGO produces 0-2 new collections per year. The collections are quantitatively small, which makes our products even more unique. The timeless design enables the life cycle of our products and maximizes their number of uses. Our unique design and durable harsh fabric also guarantee that the clothes are not easily discarded and taken to the flea market.
Thanks to your support, we are able to donate part of our income to the Focus Congo organization every month. Focus Congo is a charitable organization operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which specializes in crisis, children's and women's work.
We sponsor an education program for young people and children, as well as an education program for illiterate mothers.
You can read more about the destination at
Genuine Ankara fabric, which we use in our production, is always made of 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton does not release harmful microfibres into the environment when washed. The thin wax surface makes the fabric strong and durable.
We only use FSC paper as packaging material, which is packaging paper that meets the highest environmental standards. We also use (noissue brand) packaging bags that are 100% biodegradable and do not leave toxic substances in nature. The product packaging is simplified and does not come with unnecessary waste of paper for the customer.
Some of our clothes can be rented from the clothing rent company Bonic Finland
Our values ​​strongly include inclusiveness, equality and responsibility. We want to bring joy to people who wear our garments as well as to their manufacturers.

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